This is a puzzle made by us for Shark Week! For a full description of the puzzle, check out our YouTube video! The solution to the puzzle will be posted on 8/6/19.

A PDF version of the puzzle can be found here.

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+ Hint 1

There are several steps to this puzzle and they are presented in the order in which you are intended to complete them. Start by finding as many answers to the "Baby", "Mommy" and "Daddy" sharks as you can. You may notice two features that these answers have to help narrow down the possible options.

+ Hint 2

How many letters are in each answer for the baby shark? How about the mommy and daddy sharks? The answers are ordered alphabetically. Once you have most of the answers in these three categories, it's time to hunt! But how could these answers fit together?

+ Hint 3

You need to place one mommy, one baby and one daddy shark on each of the "let's go hunt" rows in that order. One letter goes on each space. The orange lines indicate letters that are shared between neighboring answers. The order that you place the families does not matter. Now get to finding those "run away" answers.

+ Hint 4

The "run away" answers have two features that will help you to narrow down the possible choices (just like the Baby, Mommy, and Daddy answers). When you think you have some of them, do you notice any similar letters shared between these new answers and the "Let's Go Hunt" chains you made earlier?

+ Hint 5

Have the "Run Away" answers literally run away from the hunting chains. You will be left with 6 remaining letters from each set. Try to make 5 letter words that fit a certain category with one letter left over.

+ Hint 6

The category for the "Safe at last" words is LIVING SPACES. Each of the five words begins with one of the letters shown. These can be used to sort the remaining letters of your final answer. You are looking for a 5 letter name

There are no more hints. Check back tomorrow for the solution video!