Hello!  We are Cypher House Escape, a game design organization that specializes in board game versions of the popular escape room format.  Our goal is to make new escape games every 3-4 months for you and your friends/family to play at home.  Our games utilize a combination of modern electronic media and classic pencil/paper methods to create an immersive and challenging environment.  We hope that you enjoy playing our games as much as we enjoy making them.

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Our creative team includes escape room and board game enthusiasts who work hard to keep on top of all the latest escape/puzzle/gaming news.  Check us out on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for our updates.  Features include:

  • #MatchWitsMonday - Take on one of our expert escape room enthusiasts.  We will pick an online, free to play, minigame and post our time/score for you to try and beat!
  • #TrendingTuesday - Keep up to date on all the latest escape room news.  We will post an article or video about current trends.
  • #WhatsUpWednesday - Wondering what we have been up to?  Here we will post about anything that is new with Cypher House including new games, expansions, and other news.
  • #ThrowbackThursday - We will give a throwback to a well known puzzle/escape game from the history books!  Remember "Myst", Annie's Secret Decoder Ring, or Lewis Carroll's "The Game of Logic"?  This is the day for you!
  • #FunFilledFriday - Everyone loves Friday!  Let us add to the fun by trying one of our favorite puzzles or games.  Several puzzles that we post are Cypher House Originals.

We look forward to learning and growing to make our games better and better, and your advice is crucial to making that happen.  So feel free to contact us (cypherhouseescape@gmail.com) with what you felt worked well and what you feel can be improved.  We love hearing from you!

Want to be notified of updates and new game releases?  Sign up for our news letter below and you will be among the first to be in the know.  Also, every newsletter contains a bonus puzzle for our fans!