This is a puzzle made by us for the finale of Game of Thrones. For a full description of the puzzle, check out our YouTube video! The solution to the puzzle will be posted on 5/29/19.

A PDF version of the puzzle can be found here.

The Prophecy of Razor Hawai.jpg

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+ Hint 1

Most of the clue answers can be found on the first page of a Google search, though some answers are not very common. For the next step, figure out what's going on with that title.

+ Hint 2

The prince who was promised is Azor Ahai. But the prophecy referenced in the title has something extra. Can you find any others who have something extra?

+ Hint 3

The clues give words or phrases that can be anagramed to major game of thrones characters when a single letter has been removed. So how might the rest of the bracket be filled in?

+ Hint 4

After finding all 8 characters, fill in the bracket by determining which character in each pair "won" against the other in a major scene or plot of the TV show. Remember, this puzzle does NOT use details from the final episode. There will be 2 finalists in the center. When you have filled the brackets, use the rest of the flavor text.

+ Hint 5

The flavor text indicates that you will need to use the final champions (there are 2 of them) and the people that they beat along the way (there are 4 of them). Remember, you are looking for a 6 letter word. Don't forget about their baggage!

+ Hint 6

The two in the center are Jon and Daenerys. In the first set of matches (on the left) Jon beats Mance. Keep the extra letter from Mance. Then in the second match Jon beats Ramsay. Keep his extra letter. Then keep the extra letters from the two champions and repeat for Daenerys' side of the bracket.

There are no more hints at this time. Check back tomorrow for the solution video.